When Nature Speaks


A Meditation Deck of Cards

When Nature Speaks To You

In 2012 I walked out of my unconscious corporate life and began my spiritual path.  Part of my journey has been traveling for different healing classes and workshops.   These teachings have brought me to some of the most healing and magical places in the United States, I have hiked up mountains with the great sequoia, sat in crazy vortexes in Joshua Tree and communed with wildflowers in Nebraska.

One of the biggest messages  I have been receiving is we, as a whole, need to stop using forms of divination that are old and outdated.  For example, the Rider Tarot is based on fear, not love.  We need to shift out of OLD PARADIGMS of fear, anger and move towards a future of love.  If we keep using methods of the past we become stuck in the past.  Forgive and forget has a very powerful meaning when we are growing as ONE.  Forget the old fears, the old ways, forgive yourself and past situations and grow towards the oneness of the Universe.

The cards were designed to be natural guides.  By opening your 3rd Eye or 6th Chakra, it allows each of nature guides speak directly to you.  Introduce yourself and get to know the guides with daily mediation.  Some cards may look like they have the same meaning, but depending on guide (the image) it will have different answers or feelings.  Allow each guide speak to you as necessary.  Maybe one card or image is enough, maybe they tell you to pick three cards to explain the situation better to you.

Nature holds all truths.  By not putting a direct meaning with each card it allows the God inside of you to connect with nature and receive YOUR personal answer.  You can read the cards for other people, pick one for a topic to contemplate, or pick a guide to help you with daily dilemmas.

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First, introduce yourself to the cards.  Either by holding them near your heart or 3rd eye and stating your full name.  These are guides, so they need to know whom they are talking to.

Next ground yourself (if doing a reading for other’s ground them too)

Ask your question either out loud, in your mind or in your heart.  Yes or No questions will not be answered.  It could be simply “What is my lesson for the day?”

Lay out all cards and with your left hand (closest to your heart) pull one card.  Or shuffle the cards to one falls out or feel that one has a message for you. It is recommended to meditate on it for 9 minutes, that's not required but does give the guide time to connect with you.  Allow the guide in the picture to give you an answer.  This would be ideal to use before yoga, a hike or any spiritual activity.

You may also use the cards as an oracle deck and do full spreads- letting each card tell their own story.  Use the cards as they speak to you!  No right or wrong way to use them.

How did the cards come about?

On Jan 1, 2018, I was part of an amazing silent meditation on a Super Moon.  During the meditation, one of my guides told me to look at Nature to get answers to our questions.  Over and over I heard stop using old ways that are covered in shadow. I knew that I had to create something else we can use that is based on love and nature.

From this message, I have selected 88 of my favorite magical images of nature.  These are my own photographs- except 2 images which I was present at both- one image is the Universe taken by Shane Hammond, my husband and other is The Moon- a Super Moon image that Pedro Lucero took in Sedona.  All other images were taken from my heart from various places in the United States- Lily Dale Assembly in New York, The Stupa in Sedona, Florida's sunrise, vortexes in Joshua Tree, The Great Sequoia portals in Kings Canyon and New Orleans City Park.

The cards are pictures of beings of nature that speak to you directly, the Standing People (trees) are our antennas to the universe, the Stone People are some of the oldest beings on this planet, the Plant People teach us of sacred geometry, the Sky People show us a bigger perspective and the Water People remind us to flow or be reflective.  Let them communicate directly to you over any questions you may have.

I am very excited and honor to present "When Nature Speaks To You"  it truly is a meditative deck of nature guides.  They are here for you and are ready to help you expand!

With Love and Light

Rachel Collier

Healing Artist


Nature Cards

"I have personally previewed and been using this meditation deck and it is AMAZING. I have seen faces in most images and gotten messages from my meditations. I too moved toward more positive oracles. I actively release and eliminate fear from my experiences. I hope some of you will enjoy these too."

Yvette Covington, LA