What is Rainbow Reiki?

What is Rainbow Reiki?

What is Rainbow Reiki?

The most significant difference between Rainbow Reiki and Traditional Usui Reiki is that the practitioner will go deeper into physical and psychological issues, by working with light beings and Buddha’s. This work then becomes much more efficient at healing.  Rainbow Reiki uses the basic symbols of traditional Reiki and expands them.  Walter Lubeck has added symbols, mantras and incorporated many cultures and world religions into one system.

Rainbow Reiki was developed by Walter Lübeck in the 80´s, built upon the fundamentals of Traditional Usui Reiki. He has done worldwide in-depth research about Reiki, Shamanism, Meditation, Human Psychology, Holistic Communication Sciences and Healing Body Work. All of these modalities have been put together to create a modern spiritual path deeply rooted in ancient, timeless wisdom. Furthermore, the past life memories of Walter Lübeck contributed many treasures of divine healing from the spiritual tradition of the lost continent Lemuria.

Current research is happening around Lemuria- check out: http://blogs.scientificamerican.com/history-of-geology/2013/05/10/a-geologists-dream-the-lost-continent-of-lemuria/

Walter Lübeck is an expert in Traditional Usui Reiki. His lineage is: Usui – Hayashi – Takata – Furumoto – Brigitte Müller.  Here’s where you can find out more Walter

He has travelled to Japan, India, Hong Kong and Bali in search of the roots of Usui Reiki and has written several books about the fascinating heritage of Mikao Usui. He has written over 20 books, some of them have been translated to 20 different languages.

The sessions with Rainbow Reiki are much more complex, but yet they are much more powerful and direct than most healing modalities.  What normally would be an hour and half traditional Reiki session can be cut down to 20 minutes with a Marayana Sayi treatment with more dramatic effects.  Instead of doing a sixty-minute treatment every day for 30 days, one or two Rainbow Reiki treatments can immediately help joint pain, like Carpel Tunnel Syndrome.  Studies are currently being done to show the effectiveness of this type of healing.  Here is where you can find current research information: Medical Bio Physic

To read Walter’s own words on Rainbow Reiki, click the pdf below. rainbow reiki philosophy 4 2014 english (1)

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