The 80

August 30, 2019 - July 26, 2020 12:34 pm Your Space

The 80

Guided Meditation and Spirited Lectures

Sunday night scaries got you into sleepless nights falling into manic Mondays? Do you suffer from anxiety? Or fight with voices in your head? Are you ready for a simple, inexpensive way to flow through the work week?

Make Sunday a fun day again by beginning your week with a Guided Meditation and Spirited lectures by Rachel Hammond. During the 80 minutes she will help you find your center, connect you back to yourself, to what is important for you to love and release what is no longer necessary.   Through years of teaching and private sessions, Rachel has developed advanced healing technologies allow all participants, no matter where their location is, to feel their individual energy elevating or changing ones attitude.  Simple lessons given weekly teach how to keep the voices at bay and live connected into the community and the planet.  These live open meditations will create a foundation for your personal spiritual growth without having to leave the house.

No sales pitch, no membership, nothing else to buy- is just like going to the park or yoga once week.  Stretching your soul so that it doesn’t get bound up by fear.  There is no religious affiliation with the healing lecture.  It is your personal guides and what you believe in that deliveries personal messages or insights to your spiritual self.  What you will gain is a great night of sleep, a deeper connection to Mother Earth, and yourself back.  What you loose is even greater, fear, anger, self hating, depression, and anxiety.   All happens in it’s own personal way, as much as you want to participate.

This September we introduce

to help the individual soul to expand universally.  In 80 minutes we will give you modern tools to create an environment where you experience Universal events in your personal space, or anywhere the wifi reaches.   Through guided meditation and your own imagination, let Rachel take on a journey you to find your personal peace.

Experience  for yourself, no experience is needed.  Just log on, listen, participate by being present and just imagine yourself for just one moment letting go….

Find Your Personal Power

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