Angel Weekend in Forest Falls

June 1, 2019 4:00 pm - June 28, 2020 7:30 pm Forest Falls CA

Angel Weekend at Forest Falls CA

Communication with Angels

Rachel C Hammond

Communication with Angels, or Angel Weekend, part of the Spirit Summer School series, is a three day workshop in Forest Falls, California.  This event is associated with and Way Chill Life as part of an ongoing series of workshops and classes to help you “Do It Yourself” for spirituality.

In the last 10 years, I, Rachel Hammond, have dedicated my life to love.  Through this process or my personal spiritual journey, I have had incredible messages and gifts given to me by the Angels.  These messages of love and wisdom are not just for me, but for all the world.  Since my youth I have been studying angel healing. I have traveled across the United States studying under various teachers and guru’s including certifications with Walter Lubeck.  What I have come to understand is that Angels are not of any one religion or any particular history, they are the bridge between us and God, Source or Great Spirit.

Complex symbols, sounds and mantras have been found though out history as a tool to communicate with the beings of light.  However, we have entered into a new era where now everyone can communicate with not just their guardian angels, but all the various other forms of angels that are here to help us. The communication has become simplified, we have a direct connection within our soul.  It’s no longer information that needs to be kept from the public, but instead everyone has this connection and the ability to heal with their assistance.

Class Description

Who are the Angels, Archangels, or Beings of Light? What are Spirit Guides and how can they help me?  How do I communicate or work with Beings of Light? Angel Weekend in Forest Falls is here to answer these questions and to help you go deeper within yourself.  This is wonderful for a personal spiritual journey to understand your personal connection to the angels or to add a new healing tool to any practitioner.

In this class you will learn who angels (or Beings of Light) are, how they are present every day in your life and the different ways they can help you.  You may have already been visited, healed or experienced angels or other forms of the Beings of Light.  They are also here to help us elevate to achieve a state of oneness. They want to help us heal and become full of joy and love. Because there is so much abundance, happiness, and good health waiting for every human being, with the angels help we will learn to accept all the gifts with love and gratitude. You will come to understand the dimensions of All Creation and learn that the Beings of Light are here to help us maintain happiness.

With the understanding of basic meditations, communication with angels will strengthen.  It is a wonderful way to grow, remove personal anxiety, learn how to help yourself and your community.  This is a very personal and intensive workshop.

This healing and personal workshop brings you closer to all your guides.   It will also lead you through how Beings of Light (Angels) are organized from the highest Angelic being that is closest to the Creator / Source to the Earth Angel that walks among us.  Through guided meditation, learn the name of your personal guardian angel(s), learn your soul name, and feel how easy it is to connect.

This is a special class offered on private land near Forest Falls State Park. It is open to all ages and no experience is needed.  It is an opportunity to experience heaven on earth through the natural world.

Lodging or transportation is not provided.  Meals are included in the price.   Free time is scheduled for personal healing, private questions, homework and love for all!

Private session with Rachel Hammond or Cindy Hamilton can be add for additional fee.  To schedule with Rachel click here.

Healing Heart


This class is for all levels, wonderful to add to all healing modalities. It’s a wonderful energy to be apart of this angel spirit night school workshop.

Friday July 26  9:00 am to 4:00 pm PST

Saturday July 27 7:00 am to 1:00 pm

Sunday July 28 9:00 am to 3:00 pm

I love the Angelic work because is works with all religions,

all healing modalities, and everyone! – Rachel


No qualification are required for Angel Weekend.  Open to all


Daily classes are held on private property in Forest Falls, California.  Exact location will be sent with full payment.  Transportation and lodging is not included in price.  Continental breakfast, healthy snacks, lunch and beverages included in price.

Cindy in front of Healing Hearts Hut

Cindy Hamilton

Healing Heart Sanctuary is owned and operated by Cindy Hamilton. Cindy is certified in Reiki 1 and 2,  a Law of Attraction Life Coach and does Akashic Readings.  Cindy’s offering during your healing session vary based on clients needs.  Also, she use sage to clear any negative energy that may be attached to you. With all session a meditation is done with her singing bowl to open any Chakras that may be closed off  for complete Energy healing .

Furthermore, Cindy explains becoming a Certified Law of Attraction Life Coach has not only  changed her life tremendously but those whom she have worked with also.

  “What our thoughts are is what we attract to us. The universe says as you wish. 
So what do you want the Universe to gift you with?”   Cindy Hamilton

Cindy specialty is Akashic Soul Realignment Readings.  Meaning in this reading, if you have any negative entities that are attached to you from past lives, they will be cleared – like giving you a fresh start.  Any contracts, spells, curses, bindings, or other forms of control will be cleared or released.  A few examples of what is being released or cleared from your soul are anxiety, fear, guilt, self doubt, self loathing.  Also while you talk she can answer any questions you may have in your Akashic record.

Private session can be set up through

Registration is due in full before the class begins.

Cost for Angel Weekend in Forest Falls

$644 per person

Classes are held in Forest Falls CA at Healing Hearts Sanctuary. You are responsible for your own transportation and lodging.


Heal Hearts
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