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Way Chill Life is a resource for spiritual information. Way Chill Life believes all religions have magic and personal truths within them and that world peace is possible.  This website can be used as a DIY of Spirituality- it is a Do It Yourself Spiritual journey.  Way Chill Life was created to help you be conscious of your life and what exists around you.  This consciousness creates an environment of oneness and love.  It also creates healing benefits not just feelings of euphoria, but good health and emotional stability.  Through God's/ Great Mystery/ Spirit's love you will find inner peace as well as sacred knowledge.

The work includes Universal Energy Healing, Angelic Beings (also now called Ultraterrestrials, Star Beings), Shamanism, Spiritualism, Indigenous Teachings, Astrology, World Religions and much more.  Way Chill Life is about living a peaceful life, where the individual fulfills their own purpose in life.  Here the individual heals themselves from pain, guilt, worry and all fears with healing side effects as we grow inter-dimensional.  Way Chill Life is a universal life style that is about conscious beings in a constant state of change and rebirth, to achieve wholeness or a oneness with the universe.

In 2012 my darling four-year-old niece began calling me “Waychill” instead of Rachel. It was then that I officially created Way Chill Reiki. Because spirituality is so personal, what is important to you may not be the same for others, I decided to create a resource for all. In 2016 I changed the name to Way Chill Life and officially became a LLC. Way Chill Life is about my spiritual journey with you.

With the help of this website and all those whom contribute you will learn to be at peace with yourself, find what spiritual beliefs work for you, other spiritual teachers, healers, mystics.  The information was brought together to help you find what speaks to your soul.  Watch a video, read a blog, listen to a meditation, dig into this site.  The goal of Way Chill Life is to present great information for you to find your own truths!  Do It Yourself spiritual Journey!

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Watch below and get a personal introduction from me.

About Rachel

About Rachel Collier
In 1984 I came across an article in my Scholastic Reader on the Mayan Calendar and how the world was coming to an end in 2012. I thought, wow that’s in my life time, I will be apart of this event! That was my turning point, I became slightly obsessed “dooms day” or Revelations the end of the world. This is what started me on my spiritual path, trying to understand what all this hype was about. To hear the full story of my spiritual journey, please listen to this LA radio talk show:

Rachel's spiritual journey on Talk Radio

Rachel's Story

My name is Rachel Hammond, and I am the founder of Way Chill Life LLC. For over 20 years I worked for major corporations including Hard Rock Café, President of Meeting Professionals International and General Manager of New Orleans TV (NOTV). My story is much like many men and women. I understand the overwhelming demands of work, family responsibility and lack of personal time. I have been in so many of the same situations as most Americans find themselves in.

In 2011 I had a life changing conversation with my best girlfriend. She told me we were no longer going to be friends because she wanted to surround herself with people who followed their passion. It was my wake-up call that I was not doing what my life’s purpose. One year later, I walked away of my codependent life, an unhealthy marriage, my businesses including glassblowing studio and a restaurant, eventually giving up a career as General Manager of a TV station as well. I began my spiritual journey into myself so that I could help others.

My soul’s purpose in life is to spread love, light and compassion throughout the world with energy healing and teaching. As a child of light, a warrior for Mother Earth, and a channel for change my life’s journey has led me to the practice of energy healing. Healing has many forms and names depending on your religion or your culture background. The healing work I do is only done through God’s love! Through love healing is achieved on an emotional and physical level, whatever or however you call God, Universe, Spirit, Buddha, or Source to me it’s all the same.

I have been studying world religions and healing since I was 10.  I have many certificates and attended classes all over the United States.  I deeply believe in a combined learning; you have much to teach me as I have much to share with you. By working together, I will assist you in reconnecting to the Earth, the guides, angels, and to yourself. I have enjoyed lecturing, teaching across the United States. I officially created Way Chill Life LLC in 2016 to help other find a “Way Chilled” life style. I truly want to help you find peace and answer the questions that no one else can help you with. I believe you have all the answers inside of you already, I will just help you open up to them.

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"Her deep connection with the angels and the divine is unmatched. If you need guidance, healing of any sort, more connection, or just want an incredibly life-changing experience, go to Rachel! ."

Amberleigh C.