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Spreading love, light and compassion

What would you like to heal, what needs to be removed from your life, what questions do you have about Spirituality? Whether it’s relationships, new career, achy knees, financial problems, or just worries in general, Way Chill Life can help you to focus on positive energies and healing.

An energy healing session with me can help all areas of your life.  All distant sessions will have energy healing included, but not limited to that- you may be in need of a more personal healing experience.

What you need is personal and can’t be defined on a page.

Each session, depending on the situations will include other methods of healing and will stay within the your personal truths.  Other forms of healing include but not limited to; Christianity, Shamanism, Buddhism, Hinduism, Kabala, Angelic Channeling, Spiritual Initiations, Rainbow Reiki, Crystals, Vibrational Healing, Essential Oils and so much more!

Since every session is personalized, I do the work that I am guided to do.  I do not put hands on the physical body, but instead work above the body in the aura if we are person.  Distantly, it is God’s love that heals you, I just say the words, the healing comes through me, it is not me.

Session prices listed below are for both distant (phone, Skype or Facetime) and sessions in person.  If you live in an area that I am visiting, I would love to come directly to you for an additional $25. Group and family sessions also available, please contact me directly for pricing.

Currently I am seeing clients in person in the Palm Springs, California area.

Rachel Collier

Way Chill Life Sessions

Energy Healing Session- either in person or distant

30 Minutes $75

Energy Healing and Guided Meditation- in person or distant

60 Minutes $125
90 Minutes $150

Angel Channeling Session- in person or distant

Get direct contact with your guardian angel, learn how to communicate with them. Receive a direct message and healing from your guardian angel or an Archangel.

45 minutes $80

60 minutes $116

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Energy Healing Sessions Includes:

Every session is personal, but if you know what healing you desire just include it on the form when booking a session.  Otherwise I do what I am guided to do and what is for your highest good to help you heal!

Chakra Work

  • Affirmations to support Reiki Healing
  • Balances Chakras and clears energy blocks
  • Karma clearing of past issues
  • Helps release past issues or problems

Mantra Healing

  • Whole Body Treatment
  • Nourishes the body and it’s energetic systems optimally and on all levels with spiritual healing
  • Completely holistic, highly effective treatment based on enormous synergic effects
  • Great for self-motivation, changing habits, to help find the path of the soul

Energy Healing for Specific Issues

  • Client’s specific needs are first assessed
  • A treatment is custom designed for exact needs
  • For example- Migraines, Allergy Harmonization, Treatment of Inner Organs, Chronic Illness, Digestive Problems, Back Issues, Hip Issues, or Broken Bone

Angelic Light Work (Or Connection with Ultraterrestrials)

  • Work with specific Angels based on illness or problem
  • Identify your personal guardian angel and receive direct messages
  • Direct channeling and healing

Various Meditations

  • Guided meditation- meet your current medicine animals, visit guides become transformed in the high realms.   Feel the power of the angelic dragons clearing your karma and freeing you from your past.
  • Forgiveness meditation- healing of the heart, for forgiving and transforming blocks against the free flow of the vibrations of love in the spiritual energy system of the human body. Includes a personal mantra.
  • Parent and Children meditation- let go of the past issues with family, remove old habits. Includes a personal mantra
  • Work and Money meditation- remove blocks and bring abundance into your life! Includes a personal mantra
  • Love and Relationships- to open up to new love and heal old relationships

All services are performed by Rachel Collier, 1st Dan Master Rainbow Reiki, certified Master de Usui, as well as certified in Angel Light worker / Teacher and Kanseya Meditation.

"It doesn't matter where you are on your spiritual journey. With every interaction, Rachel can heal you, teach you, and guide you to a whole new level you never thought possible. She is truly living God's light and love bringing it to all who wish to receive it."

Diana Richard