Why take an Angel Healing Class?

Why take an Angel Healing Class?

When I first heard of Angel Healing class, I was excited and confused at the same time.  Being a student of Reiki I didn’t want to do more religious studies. I wanted to learn more tools to help people.  That’s when it was explained to me that Angelic healing has nothing to with one specific religion.  In fact all major religions has some reference to beings of light or angels, and the further you go back in history you can see these beings have been helping mankind for thousands of years.  This peaked my interest- this is not a modern day creation or trend.

The Angel Healing Class teaches you the basic information on Angels- the nine orders, the top Arch Angels, that you could learn by reading many books or even once I watched a History Channel special that went over the nine orders.  That is all you could do- just learn about them.  You can read peoples interpretation of various angels, and look at lovely images that have been created of angels.  The Angel Healing Class goes further- you learn how to directly communicate with the various orders, who does what (not all angels can help all situations) and how to directly call upon there healing powers.  The class gives you specific mantras, or healing words and symbols that give you direct access to them.

I know it sounds crazy- but it is true. One will learn to feel the different energy of the different angels.  How to directly apply their healing abilities to very specific issues- from emotional trauma to knee pain.  This class will teach you how to bring in the beings of light to heal, or just for help in everyday life.  You will experience the energies for yourself, and will immediately be able to help others.  No tests to fear of either! Because the class teaches to live in love, you learn not to worry.

If you work with the public, or in a medical setting, or want to become a healer this class is for you.  If you are the caretaker in your family, or have family in need of help, this class is for you.  If you are going on your own personal spiritual journey you will LOVE this class with it’s mantras and ability to connect you with higher levels of consciousness.  If you are studying or interested in any kind of energy work, this class is for you.  This class is for all who want to grow in positive peaceful manner.

Personally, what surprised me the most when I first took this class was the immediacy of it.   Just after one session I saw life in a different perspective.  You can live gratefully, consciously, and in love not fear.  You life finds it true meaning of having fun with life! Enjoy the world, abundance abound!Let’s just say it totally changed my life.

I invite you to experience this wonderful class.  It will start you on a spiritual journey.  it will enhance your current healing modality or add to anyone’s energy healing work, it is a universal class.

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My soul’s purpose in life is to spread love, light and compassion throughout the world with energy healing and teaching. I am a 1st Dan Master Rainbow Reiki, Licensed Angelic Teacher & Healer, and Master de Usui Reiki as well. I help others reconnect to the Earth, the guides, guardian angels, and to themselves.

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