Energy Work

How to Send Healing Love

I have often been asked how to send energy healing to others.  My normal response has been go take a class on energy healing.  Recently I was shown a new, yet old way of sending healing love energy to others without using symbols or mantras! Anyone can do this, and everyone needs to do this to send … [Read More...] about How to Send Healing Love

Rainbow Reiki Training in New Orleans

It is with great excitement that I will be teaching Rainbow Reiki I January 15 & 16. In February I will be teaching the second part- Rainbow Reiki II. Rainbow Reiki is a wonderful healing art form that includes traditional Usui Reiki History, the Marayana Sayi, and many amazing healing … [Read More...] about Rainbow Reiki Training in New Orleans

Money Magic Class $$$$

Money Magic Seminar By Walter Lübeck Friday Evening, July 17, 2015 6:30 pm to 10:00 pm New Orleans, LA Bring abundance into all levels of your life! The Money Magic Seminar provides proven methods that assist with: Ridding yourself of negative thoughts and mindsets Developing your … [Read More...] about Money Magic Class $$$$

Angel Healing Class to be Taught in January

In 2012 I was fortunate enough to take Meeting with the Angels from Walter Lubeck.  I continued my studies and now I am able to teach this amazing class. The Beings of Light, also called Angels, are there to help human beings on their path to divinity. Sometimes a simple prayer is enough to get … [Read More...] about Angel Healing Class to be Taught in January