Spirit Summer School

Spirit Summer School

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Essential Oils with Elizabeth Bloom, D.H.M. D.I.Hom.

Join the creator of Elizabeth Essentials for this popular workshop on the amazing benefits of Essentials oils, including how to integrate them into your lifestyle to achieve and maintain optimal health & wellbeing. Her 30 plus years’ of experience with essential oils offers you and opportunity to understand the healing properties of the oils, how to properly use them and an understanding of what essentials oils are.

Introduction to Chakras

Introduction to Chakras workshop is part of the Way Chill Life Spirit Summer School Workshops. This class goes into detail on how to work with chakras on yourself and others. It will tell you how to find them with basic meanings of each.

Angels 101

Angels 101, workings with Angels or Beings of Light is part of the Way Chill Life Spirit Summer School Workshops. This class goes into detail on how to work with angels as guides, healers and understanding the angelic orders.

Introduction of Astrology

Wonderful opportunity to study under Cece Stevens to learn the basics of Astrology. Learn basic information on signs and houses, what rising signs mean and much more! Cece’s incredible knowledge plus her years and years of experience make this a fantastic class for advance and beginners.

Christ Consciousness With Mother Earth & Father Sky

Part of the Spirit Summer School the Christ Consciousness Mother Earth Father Sky is Live Online will help you visit other dimensions, learn your guides names, heal your past and prepare for the wonderful future ahead. Be ONE with ALL

Intro Earthing (Grounding)

Earthing? What is that? Learn how to ground, stay connected to Mother Earth for healing and personal answers. As above so below, learn the below- understand that what is happening on earth is just a representation of what is happening above. This is an excellent class if you feel disconnected!


Are you ready to grow with the spirit inside of you? Do want to understand the star being or being of light that you are? Or maybe you want to understand chakras, grounding, astrology, consciousness- Way Chill Life has created a series of online workshops to help you find your spiritual self on your own

Understanding Numerology

Cece Stevens teaches Numerology at Way Chill Life Summer School online. Learn how numbers can speak to you and help guide you through your spiritual journey.

Laughing Meditation with Elizabeth Bloom, D.H.M. D.I.Hom.

June 9, 2018 4:00 pm – August 4, 2018 7:30 pm Online Via Zoom Laughing Meditation Meditation for Good Health Elizabeth Bloom, D.H.M. D.I.Hom. This is a LIVE class taught on Zoom part of the Way Chill Life Spirit Summer School. Laughing Meditation Meditation often gets overwhelming if you don’t understand the basics. We are not […]

What Is Meaning of Life & The Purpose of Earth?

Every wondered what the meaning of life is? What is the purpose of Earth? What is spirituality? This Spirit Summer School workshop dives into basic spirituality lingo and explains our purpose on this planet.

"The way I felt when she was done was nothing short of miraculous! I felt light. Balanced. HAPPY!!! I feel positively giddy! (I know how ridiculous this must sound to some, but I am not exaggerating.) I have no idea how she did/facilitated what she did. I feel like I'm on such a supernatural high."

LJ G of Los Angeles