How To Send Healing Energy Love Right NOW!

How To Send Healing Energy Love Right NOW!

I often receive emails and texts asking for prayers or immediate healing on a friend or loved one dealing with cancer or someone who just got into an accident.  People who are spiritual, but not practicing or have not been initiated into a specific healing modality often feel powerless in these situations.  So what can you do?

Way Chill Life’s suggestions on immediate healing that anyone and everyone can do:

1)          Surrender to God’s Will.  What does this mean? It means you need to accept the final outcome and what God already has planned.  Some beings have finished their purpose in life earlier than others, even if it feels it’s too early.  This is not our choice, it is God’s Will and has already been decided.  Once you accept all outcomes then you need say out loud or in meditation that you surrender your worries and prayers to God.  That He/She/It will only work for the highest good of all.  Know that God/Universe/Source/Spirit loves all of us and wants only for us to be happy.  Be in the present moment and don’t try to plan the future or get stuck in the past.

2)          Acknowledge the situation, clearly state all information.  In order for Angels or Beings of Light, Elementals, Buddha or other healing energies/ deities to come heal they need to know to whom, and for what.  You must clearly set an intention of what or who you want healed.  Give the full name of the person, birthdate or current location is necessary, then ask what you want healed.  You have to ask or you will never receive.

For example, my intention is to sending healing energy from Arch Angel Raphael.  Raphael, would you please heal Tyra Smith in Convington Louisiana from the cancer cells in her blood.

If you don’t know their address or birthdate with year, then use a picture or think of them in your mind’s eye.  Even thinking of the sound of their voice will help direct the healing energy.  It can also be sent to a group, a situation or even a whole city or country!

3)          Begin to imagine exactly what you want healed.  As you begin to pray or meditate for the person, imagine them being healed or the object being filled with golden white healing light (or whatever color you may see.  Medicine Buddha has a Lapis Blue color, Holy Mary can be light blue to pink, etc).  If it’s a tumor see it shrinking, if it’s a broken bone see it knitting itself back whole.  You don’t need to know where or what a kidney looks like, just see the whole person glowing in healing energy.

Another example… As I pray for Tyra I see her whole body being surrounded by white golden light.  Then I see or imagine Arch Angel Raphael wrapping her in his wings and healing her whole body.

4)          Meditate for at least 10 minutes.   You do need to send them energy more than 5 minutes for true healing to take place.  15 minutes is even better, if you can do a full mala of a healing chant- or a rosary of Hail Mary is ideal too.  Other good healing chants are to the Medicine Buddha, or White Tara, asking Ganesh to remove blocks to allow healing to flow. YouTube has lots of options, find one that resonates with you. Here’s one I did:

Saying “Om” 108 times, or saying the Our Father’s Prayer 9 times also are great healing mantras.  Just listen to beautiful music while you concentrate and send healing love and light to them.

5)          Be grateful!  Thank God and the guides, Ascended Master, Deities for the help.  Believe and feel the healing has taken place.  Go light a candle at your favorite church, pay it forward and do a good deed, and be grateful for all you have.

6)          Repeat as necessary!  Daily for best results.  Don’t create a cave and stay in it until the healing happens, continue on your daily life as God would want you too.  Whatever you send out comes right back to you, so as a side benefit you get help too!  It’s not your energy so don’t concentrate so hard that you begin to think.  Be loose and let love flow- God does the healing, you’re just sending the request.

7)          Be conscious of the person as they heal- do they need help to stop smoking, if they are fighting cancer all sugar and dairy should be removed from their diet, are their surroundings happy or uplifting.  Essential Oils, super fruits, professional healers, and natural doctors- there is so much information to look into.  Always consult a physician before adding anything to a diet, but look at their surroundinsg, are they heathy? Common sense can answer many questions.

Healing begins with you consciously opening to the healing love energy of God, and the universe!  So why not start right now!

Rachel Collier
Send out Healing Love!

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My soul’s purpose in life is to spread love, light and compassion throughout the world with energy healing and teaching. I am a 1st Dan Master Rainbow Reiki, Licensed Angelic Teacher & Healer, and Master de Usui Reiki as well. I help others reconnect to the Earth, the guides, guardian angels, and to themselves.

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