Send a Prayer

Way Chill Life offers distant healing to all. If you have a family member or friend you would like extra help sent to them in form of a healing pray, Way Chill Life offers the weekly healing prayers.

Every Tuesday at 10:00 am Central time (except Holidays) Way Chill Life will lead a weekly prayer out to those you love. It is a small contribution of $3 per name to get included on the Tuesday group prayer. If you are praying for a larger issue and would to pray for more than one week, it is $9 to have them included for 4 weeks.

This really does work in speeding up the recovery process- whether it is a simple eye surgery, or heart transplant. I have received many letters and confirmations that this prayer works wonderfully!

Please include the full name of person, and either their birth date or current location, in the Order Notes on the Checkout page.

Min: $3.00


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