Message of Peace from the Angelic Beings

Message of Peace from the Angelic Beings

This is a message of peace from angelic beings I received in 2016. Please click below to hear me read and discuss this message.

The Message 2016

The Message in Print

There is nothing more and nothing less than Love. Love is all. Love is the God and Love is the void. Through this great fire of life one gets an opportunity to choose it or just accept it. Those who choose it take the longer route. They look for proof and evidence of good. Good does not equal love. Bad is not good, therefore not love either. Love just is. If you are one with all you make no choice, you are You- you are one with God. That is all you can ask for, is to be one – oneness is what we want you to achieve.

We are the helpers, gate keepers of the passage to the new consciousness of the new world. You have many names for this new life and love, yet it is the old way and already resides within you.

Give up HOPE for this world! For it has already happened- just know. Hope is no longer needed when love is there. Feel the truths in your heart and know the love of God/ Spirit/ Energy of Love is the kickstarter – the source of all. It will set you free to know love energy or God. Holding on to hope is holding on to fear. You must know we don’t hope you will grow, we know you have grown.

Time doesn’t exist so stop trying to set dates for changes or shifts- It has already happened, just love it, be it, know it. Stop trying to make it happen or not. It is. Just like God is and you are. Be one with love energy, be one with the source. Let go of doubt and worry and see it already here. So much help is here. So much is already done. Don’t look back and don’t look forward. Be in the HERE and NOW for it will never be this way or this moment again.

All universes will become one, all possibilities become one as you return to the source of all. See love, see change but don’t stop taking action of love. It’s not a time to allow people to come crying out of pain and suffering of their own doing. But instead shout for joy and the understanding that you don’t have to try for anything- if one accepts the love.

Children of the light, all of you, come to the understanding of empty minds of open thought of free flowing love. I (the angel) can only see what I want to know and you can only see what you want. Choose to see more, your time for choice is coming to an end, soon all things will just be. Be excited for the Lord of Lords chooses you!

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My soul’s purpose in life is to spread love, light and compassion throughout the world with energy healing and teaching. I am a 1st Dan Master Rainbow Reiki, Licensed Angelic Teacher & Healer, and Master de Usui Reiki as well. I help others reconnect to the Earth, the guides, guardian angels, and to themselves.

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