Living in  Post 11/9 World By Kathy Biehl

Living in Post 11/9 World By Kathy Biehl


“Outside of us, there may be massive chaos… but inside, beautiful things are blossoming. Keep your little part of the world as neat and tidy and as happy as you can. Remind yourself frequently why it’s a good thing that you wake up every morning. And stick with people who share your concept of integrity and how other people should be treated. We are creating the safety net and the new infrastructure that will be in place when other things collapse around us. Recognize fear is out there, don’t feed it and live your own life the best way you can.” — my closing words on AstrologyHub’s election panel, Nov. 7, 2016.

“Remember that troubled times are our allies in awakening. They compel us to access the deep, untroubled beings that we really are. The hero engages with destiny only on the road of trials. Each of us is the central character of our own story, and right now, it’s true, the road ahead looks long. Let’s use it as a chance to grow wiser and stronger, to becomes heroes we’re all meant to become.” — Martha Beck.

5.  Look for the humor.

    This may help.

What if we are living in parallel dimensions that masquerade as one?

One overrun by fear, panic, hatred and rage.

One with room for optimism, kindness, hope, joy, compassion and empathy.

I’ve been saying this all year, and events are now bearing out the observation.

Staying in the second, hopeful realm has become challenging in the tossed salad aftermath of the 2016 presidential election. The task will continue to be tricky as the country moves through intense, reshaping aspects into the early 2020s.

While it’s wise to keep your eyes open, focusing on the negative only energizes it. Here are suggestions for keeping your attention on the positive.

1. Remember

    a. We’re in a process that’s bigger than what appears to be

unfolding right now.

    b. Things may not be as they seem — at all.

    c. Your experience of reality is not going back to what it was.

    d. Channel those complex emotions into action.

    e. Your biggest impact comes from how you live your life.

3. Empty, ground and refocus, every single day.

   a. Try the tips in the last 20 minutes of my Navigating the Shift talk.

   b. Take heart in Colette Baron-Reid’s musings on Fear, Faith & the Peace Prayer of St. Francis. (“Lord, make me an instrument of thy Peace.”)

   c. Stop doing things, reading things, consuming things, agreeing to things that don’t support or matter to you anymore.

    Need permission?  How’s this:  You have permission.

   d. Oh, and that person who’s in one uproar after another? We all know one. (At least.) Stop giving advice/assistance/attention to the uproar du jour. Let him/her deal with it.

    Need permission?  I’ll say it again: You have permission.

    e. Approach the craziness energetically. Access consciousness facilitator Katie Rubin walks through a process. It’s easy peasy lemon squeezy.

6. Take action to create connection. Every single day.

    a. Engage in relentless kindnesses. Small ones are bigger than you may realize. Smile. Give hugs. Start and end each day saying “I love you” and “Thank you.”

    b. Direct time/energy/effort outside your circle.

         Here are some of the things my friends are doing:

             Volunteering at a soup kitchen or food pantry.

             Helping found a new political party.

             Producing theater for civic education.

             Using press connections to publicize incidents of hate crimes

       Need ideas? Browse this listof pro-women, pro-immigrant, pro-earth, anti-bigotry organizations. (Don’t like one of those adjectives? Just ignore its listings. Plenty of others to consider.)

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