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DIY Consciousness Meditation Live Online Series

Way Chill Life is excited to offer the first live Do It Yourself Consciousness weekly meditation series.   To find out more information about this series read about it HERE

True consciousness comes from within, it is a “do it yourself” journey.  Let me help guide you through your next meditation to higher dimensions and to the greatest healing love.

What Is Meaning of Life & My Purpose?

Saturday June 24 at 7 am Pacific Standard Time

Tuesday June 27 at 5 pm Pacific Standard Time

Grounding and Chakras

Saturday July 1 at 7 am Pacific Standard Time

Healing Money Issues and Gaining Abundance

Saturday July 8 at 7 am Pacific Standard Time

Consciousness Love

Saturday July 15 at 7 am Pacific Standard Time

Tuesday July 18 at 5 pm Pacific Standard Time

Finding our Spirit Essence

Saturday July 22 at 7 am Pacific Standard Time

Tuesday July 25 at 5 pm Pacific Standard Time

The Christ Consciousness

Saturday July 29 at 7 am Pacific Standard Time

Tuesday Aug 1 at 5 pm Pacific Standard Time



Way Chill Life will start offering on line classes in fall of 2017.

For now, the blog will have lots of great stuff for you, including video blogs that will give you a taste of what the on-line courses will be. If you are ready to get started, then click here to find out where and when is the next class I will teaching or contact me to set up private classes or workshops in your area. Also check out The Spirit Science they always have great current information.

Rebecca Mitchell-Guthrie

This is your flower you are holding
Bright with light and love
Petals like fingers
Open and explore ways to God
No one path opposing another
No one petal opposing another
Bring authentic joy and cheer
that comes from the surrender
of knowing that all is well

You are on a journey
with unexpected sources of learning
Find joy and acceptance
of the moment by moment exploration
of time as it unfolds
much like the opening of this flower

Like the many petals
there will be many openings
Allow your inner guidance and helpers
to help you choose as you make your way
One day you will come upon a field
of these flowers and know
that so many of these were here
all the time
unfolding for you

Pink Roses

"Rachel has been an amazing teacher!! I received my Reiki 1 &2 and Reiki Master from Rachel and did both of her Angel classes and they were all profound!! I did some private classes and group classes and met the coolest people! The healing was remarkable! I can truly heal myself and channel the information to heal others."

Lillian S.