Kinection Holistic Health

Kinection Holistic Health

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Business Name: Kinection Holistic Health
Address: 1101 Village Walk Covington, LA, 70344 United States

About My Business

Kinection Holistic Health offers clients nutrition and lifestyle consulting services that allow the individual to create optimal health. These consulting services involve thoroughly evaluating the client’s health history and current lifestyle in order to provide a comprehensive plan that will eliminate any barriers in the way of achieving health-related goals.

Although the changes required include all aspects of lifestyle, the overall focus is placed upon nutrition, since food provides the body with the fundamental chemistry for the cells of the body. Your cells form tissues, your tissues form organs, and your organs form your structure, which ultimately contributes to how you function, how you look, and how you feel. You are what you eat, and with each meal, you either feed or fight disease. Therefore, the importance of food should not be understated when it comes to health.

Private consulting is for anyone in need of guidance on how to optimize their health through food and lifestyle changes. Kinection Holistic Health guarantees that you will be equipped with the tools you need to change your mind and change your body.

Services Provided

nutrition and lifestyle consulting

About Rachel Collier

My soul’s purpose in life is to spread love, light and compassion throughout the world with energy healing and teaching. I am a 1st Dan Master Rainbow Reiki, Licensed Angelic Teacher & Healer, and Master de Usui Reiki as well. I help others reconnect to the Earth, the guides, guardian angels, and to themselves.

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