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Angels, Buddha, The Event, The Shift, Chakras… what is going on?!? Why do I keep seeing the same number or why do I keep waking up every night at the same exact time and can’t fall back to sleep? What is this fuzzy feeling I get every now and then? We all seem to have lingering questions about life and the universe.

Way Chill Life answers these kinds of questions in the Blog section, online courses and individual sessions. We provide information on various modalities and different healing techniques. As we continue to grow and understand more, so will the website. Together we will include the best of all religions and spiritual understanding of consciousness. It is time for the doors to the mystic to open to all!

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Spirituality and consciousness are BIG TOPICS and it is impossible for one site to have all the information (although I am a big fan of WWW.SPIRITSCIENCE.NET, as they are pretty close!)  Way Chill Life is here to help you find the best information out there for YOU.  I believe that spirituality is very personal, so I created this site to allow you to follow your heart and to find what resonates with you.

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"Rachel is a comprehensive and efficient healer with an extensive array of tools to achieve optimal results. In addition to being versatile and very experienced her great sense of humor makes every session enjoyable."

Dr. Thomas Oden III