How to Build A Fairy House

How to Build A Fairy House

Fairy houses are a necessity everywhere, including gardens and backyards.   The Elementals or fairies are popping up everywhere and need homes.   You can easily turn an old bird house into one, or go buy wooden dollhouses.  It’s more fun to recycle and build a fairy house the classic way, with found objects.  Make a whole project out of it.  One day to collect items at the park or on walks, then one day to build it. To build one, you just need to follow these simple rules:

  • Pick a space near water, flowers, trees, or plush green. The house has to be built outside.  Inside ones are just for looks.  They can be built anywhere outside, but they really love water, trees, and roses (or lavender). You can build them anywhere outside, just put in the most secretive spot if in an open grassy area.  Desert area use rocky area.
  • Use mainly found natural material to build the house. The main building needs to be made of material found on the ground and mainly natural.  It can be made of any kind of found wood, rocks or plant leaves.  Please do not break a branch, cut a flower or snap a live plant of any kind to make the house.  It has to be found natural material including plants, flowers, trees (and all its parts including flowers, leaves, branches, & pine cones) stones, seashells, etc…

    building material for fairy house
    building material for fairy house
  • Decorate inside with shiny items, which could be natural stones and minerals, mica, crystals, glass and such. But if you don’t have any handy, or don’t have a great store like Earth Odyssey near you, then you can use shiny plastic or metal.  I have seen great use of old Mardi Gras beads for this.  But it can only be used as décor inside the house. You cannot use plastic in the building of the main house, only as limited shiny décor on the inside, or you can use found plastic parts to use as parts of the structure. Bright colors will work too, but they like sparkling, shimmery things!
  • Make sleeping areas inside the house. If you want them to live there they need resting places like seashells, pinecones, straw, or rose petals.
  • Build it with love and gratitude!
  • If it falls rebuild it!/li>
  • Leave a small trinket or treat for the fairies, like a house warming gift. They are vegans for the most part, well vegetarians really because they love chocolate and cheese.  They prefer fruits, nuts, and flowers, but love chocolate and (unprocessed) cheese too.


With these few steps, you can build a fairy house anywhere!  Individual décor is created by each location.  You can build them all over! It is true that you will get a strong home if built on a solstice or equinox, but that shouldn’t limit you.  Build them at any time and everywhere you can! We can never have enough houses with all the fairies around. Build the houses and they will come and live with you.

Build Your Fairy House
Build Your Fairy House

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