Healing TV

Welcome to Way Chill Life’s Healing TV just for the Peace Seekers!

Since so many people in the world today live in highly stress areas, Way Chill Life will host monthly live healing sessions.   In honor of Robert Fruge this service will be free.  Robert or Bobby so appreciated the military and felt more should be done to honor them.   Therefor this free group healing will focus on healing Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.  It is highly recommended for all, not just Military Service people.

This is where you can tune into live sessions, every Third Tuesday of the Month at 7pm Central time

Other Free Meditations 

Here are a few free healing meditation videos and audios for your healing pleasure!

Medicine Buddha Mantra

This is a lovely healing mantra recording. Rachel Collier of Way Chill Life does a healing prayer that you can listen to any time and feel the love and energy flowing.

Hey Loa Mantra

Here is another fun mantra to meditate to or just do some cleaning around the house. If you begin to sing it with me, you will feel the energy! Remember to set your intentions.