Elizabeth Essentials

Elizabeth Essentials

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Business Name: Elizabeth Essentials
Address: 2304 90th St.Ct. N.W. Gig Harbor, WA, 98332 United States
Website: http://www.elizabethessentials.com

Elizabeth Essentials

About My Business

Elizabeth Essentials is a complete line of essential oil remedies from Here, There & Beyond, Inc. They are formulated and hand-blended by Elizabeth Bloom, D.H.M, DI Hom.

The Founder of Elizabeth Essentials

Rachel personally uses these products EVERY DAY! I love their mouthwash- unlike any I have ever used. Her oils smell the very best to me, and I have never gotten an adverse reaction. In fact her Rapid Relief, sprayed on after a burn- is like MAGIC! No really, cuts, scraps, burns, one spritz and watch the healing begin. Also Elizabeth’s knowledge on oils are so complete! You can trust all of her products are exactly what they say they are, no additives or fake products.

Services Provided

Blends & Single Essential Oils, organic or wild crafted only. Lectures and Trainings on the Proper use of Essential Oils.

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