Doomsday!! What is Coming for Us?

Doomsday!! What is Coming for Us?



Since 1984 I had gotten caught up in Doomsday predictions. I will never forget that moment of panic surge through me as I read my Scholastic Reader in 2nd Grade.  It said the Mayan Calendar was to end in 2012 and that it was believed so would the world.  I quickly did the math- that would a month after my 40th birthday.  I had to complete my life’s purpose before 40!  I got panicked and started making plans with my new smelly markers.

I went to my Grandfather Fred to tell him and he said the world end before that because the Russians would take us over.  Being the height of the Cold War he took me to my first Army Supply store so we could be prepared.   I began to research Nostradamus and others like him.  Reading more and more about Doomsday and the End of the World.

Doomsday was coming- and soon I could see the signs everywhere like Waco.  Waco at one point was a sign of things to come- fear from our government.  Then Heavens Gate happened. I knew my crazy thoughts were not my own as I went to community military groups- preparing.  Reading of people building massive underground communities all over the world. Fear kept building!  More reading, more people saying the end is near! I even saw it in the sky once, a rich man thought the world was going to end in March of 2016 and wrote it in the sky.

I was ready in 1987, 1999, 2005, 2008, 2012, 2016 for major events.  Even was ready the fall of 2016 when many of us saw major disaster coming- and well it did in a form we did not see.  I have worked with famous psychics, and crystal skulls seeing earth shifts and climate change.  I know the finical collapse is coming.  We see it on the news, you can read about the wealthy in Silicon Valley with overpriced walled in fortresses.

Then I had my own personal Doomsday event, I lived through Katrina.  What have I come to understand- Everything HAS already happened.

For the past 3 months, things have drastically changed for me.  I have a new understanding.  I am love.  That is my purpose in life.  If I am fearful of the future in any way, I am not love.  I know I am taken care of, I know that if something were to happen I would be in the exact place God wanted me to be in.  I can no longer fear doomsday because I know that it is all MAN MADE, low vibration.  I take action when God calls to me, staying connected to everything I know I am and all those I love are taken care of.

I understand that this is a time of great chaos, and it takes mass events to make massive change.  I also know the beings of Light do not like the nuclear threat- do you really think Fukashema fixed itself? Their where several reports of great orbs of light surrounding the factory.  They will not let us turn the planet into Mars again.

I am not saying a war won’t happen, I am just saying that whatever does happen we will be given notice.   Stay connected- do what you are guided to do- not by your EGO but by your inner child.  Your inner child, your inner spirit, your inner guides knows what’s really going on.  If suddenly you are in a position to buy lots of food or water cheap and it feels right do it- do it!  Don’t force anything.  If you feel you should go right and normally you always go left- Go Right and allow God, the Great Mystery to guide you.

While moving to California, ironically right on the fault line, I found a pouch of food that afternoon with my grandfather in 1984.  Really… we don’t need to spend any more time worrying about an earth quake, hurricane, bomb, fire, sink holes… all of that is going to happen in this time of chaos.  Be one with all so you are not a victim.  Instead you just are, just be.

Yeah something is going to happen just like it does every year.  It’s getting hotter, people are more confused instead of being uplifted… who knows, maybe this is the summer New Orleans finally sinks into the Mississippi, or maybe the New Madrid fault line shakes it up this year and Oklahoma goes.  Or maybe North Korea gets its Nuclear bomb all the way to California.

My point is STOP worrying!  There is a bigger plan that we are the creators of.  In my perspective, in my world there is no nuclear war, all of those I love prosper, and have good health.  I want to be one with everything, to be the true being of light that I am.  I will not fuel the machine with worry, fear or hate.  Instead I will be Love.

I choose Gods Will, not mine.  The plan of the Divine is one of happiness and great joy, sounds way better to me than dehydrated soup.


As close this- please read a message I channeled at Lily Dale Assembly from higher beings-

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