What is Distant Healing, does it work?

What is Distant Healing, does it work?

What is Distance Healing?

A Distance Healing Session is when you, the client, call a healer of any type to do a service over the phone, computer or other distant communications.  Distant healing sessions can take place across a room, or across continents.   Distant healing practices have been done for centuries, sometimes it’s called Intercessory Prayer.  Yes, it’s what your Grandmother has been doing for ages, were you open to receive the help from her prayers?

During a Distance Healing Session, clients place themselves in a relaxed place where they are laying down or in a relaxed position as they converse with the healer via phone, Skype, FaceTime or other methods.  The healer will ask about problem areas or issues that need to be addressed and then set up guidelines for the session, including asking for permission to send the healing energies. In order for the session to work, the client has to be open and accepting of the energy.  Typically the healer will ask some prior information and will do some pre-work before the actual session.

As the person receiving the session, you need to be open and accepting of the energy.  You may get hot or cold or fuzzy feeling.  Thoughts may flow to you that may distract you from the healing in that moment.  That’s okay!  It’s even okay if you fall asleep during a session- the greatest healing happens while we are sleeping.   Healing for each person is so individual, there is no one right way to receive healing, other than be open and accepting of it.

Want proof beyond testimonials that it works?

Here is a great site that will give you the information you are looking for from a scientific perspective- NOETIC Research

Ready to try distant healing for yourself?  Way Chill Life distant healing sessions include prayers, chanting of mantras and channeling of angels for the your highest good.  Effects of the session can be felt immediately or may last for up to 48 hours depending on the extent of work and the openness of the client.  A distant healing session is just as powerful and effective as if the healer was in the room laying their hands on you.  Rachel has done distant healing sessions as far away as Australia with excellent results. The outcome depends on each individual session and what you are ready to heal or let go of.  Give it try- all you have to lose is baggage you no longer need!

The first distant healing was just a prayer.

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