Energy Healing

What is Two Minute Tuesday?

Mardi Gras literally means Fat Tuesday. Living on Bourbon Street for 10 years means that it also has lots of other meanings for me.  Tuesdays are the forgotten early weekday to work in every other city in the world, except New Orleans and parts of Louisiana.  Tuesdays are special because once a year … [Read More...] about What is Two Minute Tuesday?

Let the Sun Shine

With winter coming upon us in North America, I have noticed peoples skin a little whiter, and everyone a little sicker.  Unfortunately, with the cold wet weather we tend to stay inside or run as quick as we can from warm place to warm place.  Our greatest energy source becomes forgotten this time of … [Read More...] about Let the Sun Shine

Message from Beings Of Light

I wanted to share a message I was given while in Lily Dale Assembly.  I have started my journey into mediumship, one of the lessons was on being an open channel for Spirit.  This is what I received on 8/25/2016 "There is nothing more and nothing less than Love.  Love is all.  Love is the God and … [Read More...] about Message from Beings Of Light

Free Healing Live Streaming With Rachel

For the month of  June 2016 Way Chill Reiki, or Rachel Collier will be doing free live 10-15 minute healing sessions and talks on Facebook.  Each video will have a different topic and most will include a healing prayer or mantra of some kind.  Check this out now while it's free to the public!  Click … [Read More...] about Free Healing Live Streaming With Rachel

Chakra Healing Yoga Class

Chakra Workshop- The Energy Systems of the Body Hosted by Tiffiny Wallace with guest healer Rachel Collier This Sunday September 27 Yoga Krewe will be hosting a workshop on Chakras.  The yoga instructor is Tiffiny Wallace, she will take you through a movement of feeling each chakra.  Tiffany … [Read More...] about Chakra Healing Yoga Class

Money Magic Class $$$$

Money Magic Seminar By Walter Lübeck Friday Evening, July 17, 2015 6:30 pm to 10:00 pm New Orleans, LA Bring abundance into all levels of your life! The Money Magic Seminar provides proven methods that assist with: Ridding yourself of negative thoughts and mindsets Developing your … [Read More...] about Money Magic Class $$$$