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Meditation with Rachel

DIY Consciousness Live Online Meditation Series

Travel to other worlds DIY Consciousness  Meditation Series Live Online Getting Consciousness with Rachel The DIY Consciousness Meditation Series Live Online is a project that I have been working towards for a long time!  I, Rachel Collier,...
Online Angel Healing Class

How to Send Healing Love

I have often been asked how to send energy healing to others.  My normal response has been go take a class on energy healing.  Recently I was shown a new, yet old way of sending healing love energy to others...
Meet Liz the Haunted Skull

Elizabeth the Haunted Crystal Skull

Elizabeth, the Haunted Crystal Skull Elizabeth is a blue obsidian crystal skull that was created in early 2000’s somewhere in South America.  She is made from a mold, but another like her has yet to be found. Liz only had...
Angels Class

Meeting with Angels On Line Class Now Offered

Meeting with the Angels On Line Classes Now Offered Meet your Guardian Angel! The Beings of Light, also called Angels or Ultraterrestrials, are there to help human beings on their path to consciousness. Sometimes a simple prayer is enough to...
City Park New Orleans

Standing People, Trees Love Us!

Trees heal! Standing People, or trees as most of us call them, are incredibly important beings on our planet that are here to help the human race.  In the below video Rachel gives a quick talk about how to work...
The Bobby Fruge Healing Hour for PTSD

Free Healing for Military and Others Suffering from PTSD

Free Healing for Military and Service Personnel for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder in Honor of Bobby Fruge Starting March 21, 2017 Way Chill will begin to offer free energy healing sessions to all Military and Service Personnel, including but...
God's Love

Message of Peace from the Angelic Beings

This is a message of peace from angelic beings I received in 2016. Please click below to hear me read and discuss this message. The Message 2016 The Message in Print There is nothing more and nothing less than Love....
Kathy Biehl

Living in Post 11/9 World By Kathy Biehl

LIVING IN A POST 11/9 WORLD “Outside of us, there may be massive chaos… but inside, beautiful things are blossoming. Keep your little part of the world as neat and tidy and as happy as you can. Remind yourself frequently...
Sending out prayers are the simplest form of healing.

How To Send Healing Energy Love Right NOW!

I often receive emails and texts asking for prayers or immediate healing on a friend or loved one dealing with cancer or someone who just got into an accident.  People who are spiritual, but not practicing or have not been...
1st Dan Master Rainbow Reiki

What is Rainbow Reiki?

What is Rainbow Reiki? The most significant difference between Rainbow Reiki and Traditional Usui Reiki is that the practitioner will go deeper into physical and psychological issues, by working with light beings and Buddha's. This work then becomes much more...
Healing Can be Sent All Over the World

What is Distant Healing, does it work?

What is Distance Healing? A Distance Healing Session is when you, the client, call a healer of any type to do a service over the phone, computer or other distant communications.  Distant healing sessions can take place across a room,...
Rachel cleaning aura

What is Reiki and Energy Healing?

What is Reiki? Reiki is according to most sources “a traditional Japanese technique used for relaxation that promotes healing”. Which really doesn’t say much, and is not a full definition. I have also heard it called “touch-less massage” or laying...