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It is time for you to stop worrying, to learn to let love rule, be conscious of every one and of life’s beautiful moments. TODAY is the day to understand that we are all one in the here and now!

Now is the time for you to live a “Way Chilled” life.

  • Monthly newsletter
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  • Early announcements of upcoming events
  • If in Military or suffer from PTDS free monthly live group healing
  • Access to members only blog categories (Spiritual Tools, Mysteries of the Universe, Inspiration, 5th Dimension, Consciousness, Unseen Worlds)
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Lonely Traveler

Rebecca Mitchell-Guthrie

You must journey to understand
You must leave everything that you love
And everything that you hate
Everything that you know
Everything that you want to know
To save yourself
From yourself
You must go where you haven’t gone
You must be broken
Split apart and forsaken
To return again
To awaken

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"I feel very blessed to have found Rachel. I wanted so much to study Usui and Rainbow Reiki with a spiritual, knowledgeable and honest person and I found all that in Rachel. I leave her classes feeling whole and with great peace in my soul. Great things have happened to me in my spiritual life since the first class I had with her. She is very encouraging and takes the time to care"

Debbie D