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LIVE Meditation with Rachel

DIY Consciousness Meditation Series Live Online 2017

DIY Consciousness Meditation Series Live Online will help you visit other dimensions, learn your guides names, heal your past and prepare for the wonderful future ahead.

LIVE Meditation with Rachel

Online Live 5-D Healing Meditation June 17, 2017

Live Online healing meditation to take anyone to the 5th Dimension


Meeting Angels Class- Online Healing Class

Meeting with the Angels Online Healing Class July 2017. This live online class will teach you how to communicate and heal with beings of light or Ultraterrestrials.

"The way I felt when she was done was nothing short of miraculous! I felt light. Balanced. HAPPY!!! I feel positively giddy! (I know how ridiculous this must sound to some, but I am not exaggerating.) I have no idea how she did/facilitated what she did. I feel like I'm on such a supernatural high."

LJ G of Los Angeles