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Welcome to Way Chill Life!

Thank you for being here and for desiring to heal and move closer to your deepest self.

Way Chill Life was created to help you to love, have great health and be conscious of your life and what exists around you. We would like to help you grow spiritually and to become ONE with all, and to truly feel the meaning of life- to be happy and full of love, gratitude and joy every day. At Way Chill Life we want to help you to live a life that can only be yours, your way, your truths by opening what's already inside of you. The time is now for a new understanding of how to live a full and rewarding life.

Talk with Rachel

Way Chill Life offers one on one spiritual counseling and healing sessions. I would love to have personal healing session with you. I encourage you to book a private session with me when you are ready to heal and connect. I can help you better understand a situation, remove a block, work on healing yourself, get inspired or just get you to slow down and enjoy life again. Each session is personal, and customized for each client for maximum positive impact.

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I invite you to join Way Chill Life and begin to find your own truths. The Peace Seeker level, our free membership, will begin to unlock sacred knowledge and allow you to start your journey at your own pace. Peace Seekers have access to members only blog posts, free healing meditations, and free live healing sessions.

As you advance and are ready for more information, become a Master in Training for only $8 a month. With this level of membership you will have access to the Spiritual Resources Directory, a constantly growing list of spiritual services, products and venues. This exclusive membership opens up more content and provides discounts on sessions, online classes, and products.

Attend an Event! Upcoming Classes and Workshops

Online Angel Healing Class

The Beings of Light, also called Angels or Ultra-terrestrials, are here to help human beings on their path to consciousness.  The more you know about the angelic race you will soon find out that there is a world of wonders to discover. These beings are here to help us and our planet become evolved humans. You will actually feel their presences and healing energy!
This class will teach you with enchanting angel songs, mantras and poems. You will learn how to do powerful angel light work. The who-is-who of the beings of light, the nine main angelic orders, and initiations into healing energies of the archangels Michael, Gabriel, Uriel and Raphael will open up the portals to the heavenly realms to you. With the name of your guardian angel, angel talismans and the knowledge how to do a proper angel altar at your home you will get closer to the beings of light then you ever thought is possible.

On Line Classes

Angels, Buddha, The Event, The Shift, Shamans, Chakras… what is going on?!? Way Chill Life's website was created to help every human being or sentient being find inner peace or consciousness. In this modern age so much information is out there, but what can you trust?
We offer live classes and workshops to help you to find what you believe and to discover your personal truths! Classes are offered through Zoom and are recorded so you may go back and watch at your own pace.

"It's rare that anything lives up to the hype, but Rachel is absolutely amazing! I wish everyone could experience the healing she provides."

Lara Vanian-Green